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Texarkana Handyman is here to provide customers with amazing remodeling services at a fair price. Our work is top-notch, affordable, and always exudes outstanding quality. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed! We can tackle small and minor repairs like cracked walls, leaky faucets and more. When it comes to remodeling work, we're the experts you can trust! We can transform any space into a magazine-style oasis you'll love.

Carpentry Work

Our skilled carpenters can be the answer to a poorly designed room, a closet that's just too small or the kitchen with way too few cabinets.

Rough Carpentry: Rough carpentry usually means skeletal structures of buildings, including beams, rafters and other large-scale work.

Finish Carpentry: The finish carpenter excels at extremely fine measurements and intricate, beautiful woodwork. Cabinetry A carpenter that is a cabinetmaker will have a skill set that combines an element of rough carpentry with an element of finish carpentry all aimed towards cabinetry.

Carpentry: A trim carpenter specializes in moldings and other trims to spruce up a room. Trim includes baseboards, window trims, ceiling trim, and mantles.

For preventative maintenance or to fix, repair, replace, patch and paint, contact us to help you with all of your general home maintenance tasks. Cut down on unnecessary heating and cooling costs by having your home winterized. Replace a window, install a new door, seal cracks, or replace that leaky outdoor faucet. Got a problem not listed? Check with us and let our tradesmen handle any general maintenance task for your home to ensure its beauty and proper function.

Decks and sheds make great additions to any home; they add extra storage and increase the property value of your home. Our skilled tradesman can help you design and build the deck or shed of your dreams. If you already have a deck on your home, we can assist you with remodeling, repairing and improving it. Once it's in place, we can stain it in a beautiful finish of your choosing. Whatever you have in mind for your shed, we're here to help you accomplish it!

Let us rejuvenate any room with new hardwood or laminate flooring in addition to our ceramic tile services. We can remove your current flooring and replace it with your choice, or we can suggest new flooring from materials that are sure to last. We guarantee that you will be pleased with the results when you trust our skilled craftsmen. New flooring can truly add a dramatic impact to any home and add an extra level of convenience.

From new construction to minor repair of your drywall, our skilled tradesmen will bring smooth straight lines to your walls & ceilings. For drywall work in any part of your home, we have the experience to handle your drywall project down to the smallest details. Refresh any or all of the rooms of your home by adding color with a fresh coat of paint. We can brighten up even the blandest room by painting it with fresh colors of your choice.

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